Leadership is the key to make thoughtful decisions about organization's mission and goals. Valuable leadership skills include the ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively, and also include honesty, confidence, commitment and creativity.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Edition 4.0 – FranklinCovey

The new version focuses on what people are going to do differently.

Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Result – FranklinCovey

Great Leaders workshop helps leaders to see their people as “whole person”—body heart mind and spirit

Leadership Foundation – FranklinCovey

Leadership Foundations workshop prepares individuals to take on significant leadership roles and responsibilities in the future. With an introduction to the 4 imperatives of great leaders,

Championing Diversity – FranklinCovey

With the globalization of markets, high-profile legal actions, and an increasingly diverse labor pool, companies are faced with greater challenges

Situational Self Leadership – Ken Blanchard

Situational Self Leadership (SSL) is designed for individuals who must make the transition from responsive to responsible, and who must learn to take initiative in idea generation

Situational Frontline Leadership – Ken Blanchard

A new type of leader is needed to inspire today’s workforce. This leader must be able to transform plans into actions by working with individuals to ensure that their

Situational Leadership Experience – Ken Blanchard

Leveraging all of the theory and design that has made Situational Leadership® II the world’s most taught leadership model for more than 30 years

Situational Leadership II – Ken Blanchard

The world of work is changing, and so are the rules and the nature of leadership. In order to accomplish more with fewer resources, and in real time, organizations need strong, yet flexible leaders.

Influencer – Vital Smarts

Influencer Training is a leadership course that teaches proven behavior change strategies.